Party Tips

1. If you don't need a disco don't book one. May seem a daft thing to say but if your first priority is getting the cheapest disco possible, you may be better off taking a music centre and a few cd's and save your money. One of our customers, who booked us for her wedding told us she had booked a disco for her engagement for £100 and when he turn up asked where the sound system was so he could plug in his laptop. When he was told there wasn't one he charged them another £100 for the hire of a pair of speakers. So beware!

2. Try to book a venue that's not too big for the number of guests and always bear in mind not everyone you invite will be able to attend. Rule of thumb is for 100, expect no more than 75.

3. To achieve the best atmosphere a venue where the bar is in the same room as the disco is always the best option. Sometimes that's not always possible so we suggest arranging the room so that the disco is in the opposite corner facing the entrance to the bar.

4. Avoid at all costs venues with noise limiters. Things that have trigger the limiter (which cuts the power to the disco) in the past are crowds singing happy birthday, DJ announcing the buffet's now available, and a girl screaming. What seldom triggers the limiter is the music which is the only thing we have control over.

5. Marquees make wonderful venues. There are a few very important considerations when booking entertainment. (1) The disco equipment cannot be set up on the dancefloor. It has to be separate area or stage which is not connected to the dancefloor. This is important as the overhead lighting is on stands which have to be on firm ground for safety reasons. (2) Permanently fixed main power or generator must be within 50 metres of the "stage", this is to make sure the correct voltages are maintained. We carry with us specially made heavy duty extension cables with waterproof connectors. (3) Generators must be of adequate power.... if the generator is powering the stage only it must be a minimum of 17.5 KVA single phase. If it is powering the whole site including the marquee lighting and the catering area, it must be a minimum of 40 KVA single phase. (4) Make sure the marquee lighting is on a separate switch to the outside safety lighting and toilet block. If the site electrics is being managed by electrical contractors ask them to call us. (5) Make sure the bar has it's own source of lighting separate from the main marquee lighting.

6. The most important thing is enjoy yourselves.

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