As you can see from the photos in our Gallery, we have enough equipment for 4 functions at a time although generally the maximum we have out at any one time is 3. Not all venues can accommodate or need a large shows and conversely a little show in a big hall or marquee would completely ruin the night. When we receive an enquiry we ask questions like how many people are expected to attend, what and where the venue is (to ascertain the size of the stage) and what the occasion is. From the information we can customize the show to suit the event and venue. As an illustration go the Events page.

SOUND SYSTEM....The 3 main shows use Behringer Mixers and Denon or Gemini CD players. Speakers depend on the size of the rig....for example the 5k rig employs 4 x Behringer 18" base bins and 4 x 12" Behringer tops and a Ultrafex pro processor. We would use the 5k rig for big outdoor events or functions where there would be in excess of 250 people. This pumps out high quality sound at extremely high levels; so much so, I have been told, it makes the floor vibrate. It's powered by one massive Carver Amp which has 2 totally separate stereo channels, so if a channel fails the system runs off the remaining channel. The audience will never know. The smaller system has been upgraded. As from March 2014 a pair of Turbosound active 15" speakers, Milan M15's, have been introduced. These, when needed, can be back up with a Turbosound active Milan M18B sub. These have been given very high reviews in professional journals.The quality of the sound is mind blowing so it should please, not only teenagers, but granny and grandad too because they make old 60's tracks sound good.

LIGHTING....Each show has a mirror ball, ultra violet light, and, where permitted and requested, smoke machine. Overhead lighting includes 300watt cans, dmx controlled datamoons and the latest generation of LED lighting affects. These are constantly being upgraded so it's not practical to list, but you can be assured it will be taylored and appropriate to function.

PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE....We have £10million PLI which more than covers every venues insurance requirements.

PAT TESTED....To comply with Portable Appliance Test, all equipment is PAT tested and copies of test certificates are available on request.

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