No two parties are the same so each type of event has to be approached in different ways.

WEDDINGS....This is when families and friends get together who haven't seen each other for a long time and probably have some catching up to do. For this reason we start the evening off with background music, low enough to allow conversation. FIRST SLOW DANCE....Pick the song (or bring a cd) and relax. We'll liaise with the Best Man and do the rest. Not everybody wants the fuss of the first dance however. It's traditional but not compulsory so we won't spring this on you when you least expect it. DJ's dress code is no jeans, tee shirts or trainers.

TEENAGE BI RTHDAYS.... There are two types parties.... with parents or without. If it's a family orientated birthday parties, the music and volume level is similar to weddings, otherwise it's as intense as you want it. 16 year olds and younger we will insist on adult supervision. Typically parties which are solely for teenagers have a bigger sound and lightshow.

SCHOOL PROMS.... These have a tendency to be large affairs with around 300 plus people and fairly wild. The sound system would be the 5k rig and the lighting would depend on your budget and the power supply.

OVER 20's DISCO's.... This can include birthdays, retirement, Xmas, office parties, etc. Music and format is similar to weddings.

THEME NIGHTS.... This could anything from 60's, 70's, etc. Fancy dress, Xmas parties in June (we've done 2 so far) Vicars and Tarts.... the list go's on. The most popular one 70's fancy dress.... the DJ dresses up with the afro wig, medallion and Lionel Blair's. Format depends on the age group.

DINNER DANCES.... The equipment is usually set up before the guests arrive. Low level background music is played during the meal and if there are speeches we can supply a microphone. If it's black tie the DJ will wear appropriate attire (dinner jacket or smart suit and tie).

MARQUEES.... This is something we've specialized in for many year. Being a temporary construction, marquees have a multitude of problems such as space for the equipment, power supply, and access to the site. For instance the sound system has to be twice as powerful for a given number of people to compensate for acoustic loses through the canvass. For hints on planning a marquee function go to our Party Tips page. There you will find important information to ensure the event is problem free.

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